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PROCOMSAT provides advices to TV channels and broadcasters, for the selection of their solutions, encoders, decoders as well as transmission infrastructures and satellite broadcast solutions and ensuring a good choice of equipments availability and reliability of their Collection Services, Transport, Contribution and Distribution:
- Processing and solutions Audio / Video (encoding, multiplexing ...)
- Network Management / Supervision


PROCOMSAT advises the broadcasters so they can meet the requests of in terms of DSNG for the collection, broadcast  and transmission of news and live information using a digital satellite system from a remote location.

Processing and solutions Audio / Video (encoding, multiplexing ...)

PROCOMSAT offers consultancy for broadcasters (broadcasters, TV channels) as well as telecommunications operators, for the choice of the contribution platforms, transport, distribution and audio / video able to provide high quality HD increasing amounts of videos channels accessible on the broadband and wireless connections.


PROCOMSAT supports its customers in selecting the best installation of television services over a network on the IP protocol using a reserved bandwidth. The IPTV enables access to live TV, video on demand (VoD) game on demand (GoD)  and catch-up sessions (catch-up TV).

Network Management / Supervision

PROCOMSAT, Advises for the best a multivendor network management solution OSS and the most advanced end-to-end available for the IPTV industry, satellite, HFC broadband networks, broadcast TV and radio. It would select a high-quality graphical interface that allows them to manage their entire operational ecosystem regardless of the supplier and the technology with as a  results a significant reduction of operating costs and increased quality of service.