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Having an experience of more twenty five years in advising of radio networks, GSM, Microwave, Broadcast and Satellite communications (Satcoms) PROCOMSAT has the expertise, the ressources and the means to meet the highest requirements and needs of its customers requirements in terms of consultancy for their services ,integrations, solutions and  equipments supply and SLA support in the following fields:

- LTE Tactical Bubbles & Private LTE Networks

- Supervision & Telemetry (SCADA)
- VSAT Networks

- GSM / GSM Backhauling

- PtP and PtMP Microwave radio links


Supervision & Telemetry (SCADA)

PROCOMSAT suggests and advises in high end solutions and choice of equipments of data collection, analysis and information control for industries in real-time, such as telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, water, transport etc.

Choice of VSAT Networks

SCPC: point-to-multipoint links, 100% dedicated bandwidth.

Mesh: Entirely meshed satellite networks: interconnections of PABX sites.

Star: Star : Star Solutions, ranging from small networks to entire systems of thousands of remotes stations, hub & spoke type MxDMA / DVBSx.


For over 25 years, PROCOMSAT advises solutions that enable collective receptions of satellite television signals.

GSM / GSM Backhauling Advising

The Fiber, Microwave or Satellite GSM Backhauling is the optimized solution selected by ProComSat to advise telecom and GSM operators to pick up the best solution to overcome the land solutions scope limits (HF, Microwaves, Fibre ..) for network access in saturated areas, difficult to access, non reliable or the most isolated, like ultra rural areas.

ProComSat provides efficient consulting services to solutions for GSM Rural telephony networks and support in Licence obligations, Universal Service advising...